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AHEC 2018 Day Conference (Day One)

More than 100 participants of enthusiastic mind gathered at Cyberport, exploring economic history of all regions of Asia, as well as those comparing Asia with other regions.

AHEC 2018 Day Conference (Day Two)

The second day of the conference featured a keynote speech by Yasheng Huang of MIT on the Longevity of Chinese Absolutism, followed by the Plenary Session on Research and Publication of New Economic History.

AHEC 2018 Conference Dinner

AHEC 2018 Conference Dinner Y. C. Richard Wong shared his in-depth knowledge of homes and immigrants in post-war Hong Kong and his quantitative research.

AHEC 2018 Historical Tour of the New Territories

We took a half day trip to the New Territories from Hong Kong island for a bit of peace and quiet, and also soaking up local history.
Photograph: outside Tai Fu Tai Mansion

AHEC2018 NT tour.png